Finecolour Markers 

FINECOLOUR Marker is high quality marker for industrial design, architecture design, fashion design, graphics, illustrations, craft, model design. FINECOLOUR Marker is sustainable for long use you can replace nibs and refill inks.

The Features of Finecolour Markers

1.MADE IN JAPAN BRUSH TIP: High quality brush nibs. Artist grade sketch markers for drawing. Great sketching markers for illustration artists

2.BEAUTIFUL COLOR VARIETY: Beautiful vibrant colors including portrait flesh skin tone markers earth tones natural colors and skin color markers

3.REPLACEABLE TIPS / REFILLABLE INK: These brush tip markers come with replaceable brush and broad chisel nibs and refillable markers to make sure the alcohol art markers last a long time. Great cheap copic marker set alternative and prismacolor markers alternative

4.DUAL TIP MARKERS: Brush markers on one side and a broad chisel tip on the other. So you can create beautiful outlines and follow that with bold broad strokes.

WHY Choose Finecolour Markers?

As the best alcohol-based art markers brand in China,Finecolour have one of the largest color selections with 480 colors, and are refillable, allowing artists to mix any shade they might need.

1,240/160/480 Colors,Alcoholic Quick Drying Ink,Easy Coloring, Uniform Coloring.

2,Each color ink has been carefully configured,and each color is specifically designed to provide BCDS encoding,can meet the needs of alll kinds of line designer

3,Specially provided the number 0 of the colorless ink marker,convenient for the designer in the work of the penetration has been color strafitication

4,Flat and thin round double ended pen can provide a variety of the linewidth of handwriting,convenient for a designer to use

5,To ensure the quality of ink pen out smoothly,printing the corresponding color number for identification

6,Environmental protection PP material,good sealing,so that marker pens to save more time